We do not subscribe to the partisan and unrealistic platform supported by William Gheen (of ALIPAC). In personal email correspondence with him (when I disagreed with him on his site's forum) in response to a person on his site posting my OP-ED in the Chicago Tribune onto their forum, his dialouge with me was one of absolute hatred (there is no other way to say it). Because I dared mention the possibility of compromise when it came to amnesty (in conjunction with a veriiable guest worker program). In researching his stand on the issues, it appears to me he is more interested in villifying all immigrants than trying to bridge the gap between all sides. Dehumanizing others because you do not agree on an issue (even though you share a lot in common regarding the basic concept of lgal immigration) is evidence that he is only interested in non constructive hateful discourse. Alipac (specifically William Gheen) is definitely not supported by THE US Legal Immigrant.