Yesterday,Scotus decided the following 2 issues:

ObamaCare and the Stolen Valor law.

In both cases, I am stunned to the core by the results. In the case of Stolen Valor, the opinion prosented is that people running around claiming to have medals won during war is protected free speech. Apparently, the morale and welfare of our military and the heros who earn these awards matter for naught.

Regarding ObamaCare.... the law was wrapped around the taxation clause versus the commerce claus (per the interpretation of the Chief Justice). So, even though President Obama stated that this was NOT a tax (back when this was being proposed), it is actually a Tax (according to the Supreme Court). Now the administration ran around today trumpeting the "win", showing that they agree with every aspect of what that means. It means, it IS a tax, and our taxes WILL be going up as a result. Mr. Obama will have to accept this is now a tax (and be held accountable for that political position). At this point, I will research this and come back and post a couple of forensic overviews from other (much smarter) people / entities which will break down further what this ruling actually means. In the interim, I find myself sitting here and embracing the candidacy of Mitt Romney as our last hope that the conservative ideas and ideals he represents (despite the evidence to the contrary) will somehow be a part of his future administration.