A comment on Facebook by Walter B.:
"the Executive Branch sold it as a penalty to the public and then argued before the court that it was a tax. Sort of like Arafat speak English to the Western press and talking about peace and then speaking to his Palestinian "brethren" in Ar...abic telling them to teach their children to murder every Jew they can get with suicide bombing range of. The Court said yeah in order for it to be constitutional the mandate is a tax. Now it goes back to the political arena where policy decisions are made. The monstrosity contains another 21 direct taxes as well. Social Security was initially sold to the public as individual accounts but the court ruled it a tax too... I don't recall anybody asking me if I wanted to "buy" Medicare but I get taxed for it as a portion of my income anyway. Hell this "OTAXACARE" even destroys Health Savings Accounts--there will be no economic incentives for the individual to control their own costs and seek out preventative care, once fully implemented. The Court made its legal decision. Now its your turn to make a political decision. That is the reality." 

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