Still unemployed ~ and starting to get concerned

June 16, 2013
Well, it has been 9 months and the unemployment continues. I've been spending a lot of time staying one step ahead of the hatchet (in whatever form comes at our family).

I became eligible for the Veterans Administration's VRAP program 2 months ago. Unfortunately, I found out that if I use those benefits getting retrained, I will lose my unemployment benefits.

I've been spending a lot of my time supporting my wife's efforts at treating her cancer (3 hospitalizations/surgeries in the past 9 months and we spent almost 2 weeks at Cancer Treatment Centers of America 2 weeks ago). When I have a moment, I will break it down into more detail (Blackhawks are on in Game 2, and I am trying to pay attention to the game). :-)

Unemployed for longer than 3 weeks for the 1st time since 1981

November 2, 2012
OK, here is the straight scoop:

I've been traversing the minefield that is: The VA (for my health benefits), Cobra - 401K - ESOP - through my former employer, DHS (for medicade for my wife and my stepson - who are both disabled and have been stated as such by doctors and private companies, but apparently they have to be run over and not breathing in order to qualify for govermental benefits), SSA (regarding both my wife's and stepson's Disability application process), IDES (unemployment), Illi...

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