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The "Rule of Law" is meaningless without enforcement. I had a history prof at Loyola who was from Hungary. He had escaped the communist take over by immigrating to America. He earned his citizenship with 90 days of combat duty in Korea in 1950. The thing about the "Dream Act" that has troubled me was the either or option of college or military service. I find it ironic, because as a natural born citizen who has volunteered for military service I have seen numerous folks from all over the world who have legally immigrated and earned their U.S. citizenship while serving in our Armed Forces. So in my mind this makes the "Dream Act" a red herring, and to those who would counter with the line that not all those kids would be qualified for military duty, I reply with well there is still the Peace Corps and VISTA (just relabel it National Service). After that they would qualify for student loans. Regrettably it is a political football since our elites on both side of the "aisle" are not interested in harm reduction. They are only interested in reducing the cost of labor, devaluing our citizenship and our currency.

Walter B. -

2:34 pm on Thursday, June 21, 2012


 "Part of the problem today is current "policy" and the complete lack of respect and appreciation for those that followed the rule of law with regard to their pursuit of citizenship.

We have reached a point in this nation where a political "win at all costs" philosophy is aggressively being implemented regardless of the negative effects it is having on our job market, financial well being and mockery of those that pursued a dream and followed the rules.

Look at Florida (now being sued by the DOJ) who wished access to Homeland Security's database of U.S. citizens in its attempt to purge illegal voters from their rolls. Florida on its own has determined that over 100,000 illegals have participated in federal and state elections. DHS not only refused the request for citizenship verification, DOJ is pursuing legal action against a state whose only goal is to protect the value of a citizens vote. The media doesn't report that Florida began its request for info from DHS over a year ago.

Insanity is the rule of the day it would seem...."

Dean G.

4:27 pm on Friday, June 22, 2012 



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