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About this site

As there is really no central location on the web where legal immigrants can be heard without fear of being villified, this site was created by Steinar Andersen in order to provide a voice to the legal immigrant community. A community whose voice is lost in a media firestorm perpetuated by those who cross our border and break our laws. Steinar is a legal  immigrant who emigrated to America with his parents and younger brother (he was born in Norway and came to America when he was a little over a year old and his brother was a month old). He went through the legal process / path towards American Citizenship, and after many years... he achieved that Citizenship (while serving his country as a US marine).

The purpose behind this site

Steinar and other legal immigrants have found traditional and online media to be misrepresenting the Immigrant story to the American Public (and this site aims to change that). There are quite a few websites and organizations dedicated to a one sided partisan perspective and viewpoint, we plan on providing an online location where the American Citizen, Legal Immigrant, and Illegal Migrant can locate specific information that speaks the truth about all sides of this issue. We do not plan on censoring content, however, we do plan on keeping this discussion  "civil" on this portal.

Check out the photo gallery to get a glimpse into the myriad faces of legal immigration. And drop us a line if want to find out more.


We aspire to open up the dialouge necessary for legal immigrants to have their voices heard. We are wanting to let the politicians on both sides of the aisle know that our opinion (based on their actions to date), is that:

  • their efforts demonstrate they are only interested in reducing the cost of labor by importing "inexpensive labor" to the financial benefit of those companies senior management and shareholders (who financially gain from hiring them) while ignoring the needs of the american people by shrinking the available job pool thus contributing to the present unemployment of millions of workers
  • they are devaluing American citizenship for short term gain (and demonstrating to legal immigrants that it is an easier path to legal status by breaking the law by crossing the border illegally or overstaying their visa).
  • they are contributing to identity theft (and the out of control use of faked identification and social security cards/numbers).
  • some particular politicians are trying to add to their political power regarding their political party by advocating "comprehensive immigration reform" (their word for amnesty for over 12 million illegal migrants) in an effort to fill their ranks with like minded voters. They succeeded in 1986 by adding to their ranks and this is the final push to add more (at the expense of the American Citizen and Legal immigrant). If they were interested in "fairness", they would agree to a guest worker program first as a demonstratable way to deal with the millions of illegal migrants presently in the United States.

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